SARMs - Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators For Sale

SARMs - Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

SARMs - Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

Steroids are banned substances and side effects are endless. That's why athletes have endurance, speed, power, etc. They were looking for a product that could increase their abilities such as (especially in the last 10 years, being durable and strong in all sports has become much more important) and that they can use in this context. then sarms came on the market and everyone clung to these products.

So how did sarms use the notoriety of steroids to make a name for himself and even professional athletes started using it? what is it, what does it do, does it have side effects, how is it used?

When steroids or prohormones are used, since they cannot act as selective androgens, they can bind to all kinds of receptors and therefore have side effects such as hair loss, stopping natural testosterone production, and enlargement of prostates. The point I mentioned in the introduction comes into play here on behalf of sarms. Since it is "selective", it only binds to receptors in muscle and bone tissue and therefore does not show many "undesirable" side effects seen in prohormone and steroid use.

Well then isn't this a miraculous medicine? I will come there.

First of all, I must say that sarms are still being studied by laboratories today, and the research is not yet complete. so since it's a new product, not all of its side effects have fully emerged (perhaps won't) right now.

Since it does not have as many side effects as steroids and prohormones, its popularity has increased day by day in the forums, it has attracted a lot of attention and frankly, they marketed this product well. no, "if you were a steroid without side effects, would you use it? here is the product for you!" No, I don't know "Get up in a short time! And without any side effects!" or the most well-known is "it does not harm the liver as it is not toxic like steroids or prohormones!". So are these urban legends or is such a thing really possible? moreover, these products are taken orally (not by injection like most anabolic steroids) and are not "currently" illegal. I say right now, but it is close to being illegal.

If I gather the comments made by users of this product under one roof:

a) power gain

b) lean muscle mass gain

c) reduction in fat

d) growth

the same effects that anabolic steroids show as seen; to a certain extent; quite a bit :)

Well, we talked about that much plus. Let's talk about the cons.

Now we glorified it and said it doesn't have that many side effects, but we said "it doesn't have as many side effects as steroids" :) so what are the side effects? (The side effects I wrote are the visible side effects of the product mentioned by the companies and users)

- testicular atrophy

- gynecomastia

- increase in hair growth

- baldness

- undercover

- There is a lot of discussion on this item, but I can't help but write; stop producing natural testosterone while you use it

- increase in blood pressure due to mass gain

- decrease in libido (return to normal after 3 weeks)

When we look at it, it still has side effects, but these side effects that you will see in steroids and prohormones will be much stronger.

To be honest, if you think that when you use this product, you will get results like in anabolic steroid cycles, you are deceiving yourself.

If you are determined to use this product, I recommend you to use milk thistle. I know you all want to grow your muscles, kiss, and hug them, but as I always say, this is a matter of patience and discipline.

Advance note: I would like to point out that I did not say to use this product here, do it like this, enter this sphere. it's a gamble. You can use whatever you want as you wish and you will see the results with minus or plus.