Prime Pharma Stacker Pro 100mg

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Prime Pharma Stacker Pro 100mg

Stacker Pro Fatburner from Prime Pharma is currently the strongest fat burner that we have in our range. This is the replacement for the well-known IOMAX Fatburner. This product provides an enormous energy boost and super fat burning. The best results are guaranteed with this product! A jar contains 30 capsules.

Stacker Pro Prime Pharma Dosage

1 capsule before breakfast or in the morning before training. Do not take more than 1 capsule per day.

2 weeks of intake of Stacker Pro. Then a 2 weeks break.

Stacker Pro Prime Pharma Effects:

Increased fat burning.

Increased energy.

Increased strength.

Loss of appetite.

Do does not use Stacker Pro Prime Pharma with

Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

High blood pressure.

Heart problems.

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