Myogen Labs StanoGen 10 (Winstrol) 10 mg / tab - 50 tabs

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Myogen Labs StanoGen 10 (Winstrol) 10 mg / tab - 50 tabs

StanoGen (Stanozolol) is a derivative of DHT making it the ideal product to refine muscular appearance with a vascular, defined look. It is mostly used by bodybuilders and athletes to get the most out of a cutting cycle or contest preparation phase. StanoGen is ideal for people who are not looking to gain large amounts of muscle mass quickly but to build a hard and very toned appearance. It’s also popular with athletes who aim to improve their performance without packing on too much weight. StanoGen ensures very high-quality muscle growth!

Men Winstrol  Dosage:        40-100mg/day

Women Winstrol Dosage:    5 to 15 mg per day (higher is around 20 mg max)

Winstrol Half-Life: 8 hours

Winstrol Detection Time: 3 weeks

Winstrol Stack: T3, Clenbuterol, Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone

Winstrol Hepatoxicity: Yes

Winstrol Post-Cyles Therapy (PTC):NolvaGen, ClomiGen

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