Myogen Labs OxaGen 10 (Anavar) - 10 mg / tab - 50 tabs

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Myogen Labs OxaGen 10 (Anavar) - 10 mg / tab - 50 tabs

Anavar doesn't make the user ' blow up' from water retention. Instead, this oral anabolic steroid helps build lean and sculpted muscles. In close relation, studies have proven that Anavar can significantly reduce visceral fat in the stomach area when complemented with moderate exercise.

Men Anavar  Dosage:        50-100mg/day

Women Anavar Dosage:    25-50mg/day

Anavar Half Life: 8 hours

Anavar Detection Time: 8 weeks

Anavar Stack: TestoGen, BoldoGen, NandroGen, DianaGen, StanoGen, ClenbuGen

Anavar Hepatoxicity: Yes

Anavar Post-Cyles Therapy (PTC): If necessary: ClomiGen + NolvaGen during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days.

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