Hilma Biocare Testosterone Undecanoate (250mg/ml)

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Hilma Biocare Testosterone Undecanoate (250mg/ml)

What is Testosterone Undecanoate?

Testosterone Undecanoate was first introduced in China to help wrestlers boost their muscle strength and performance on fields. The drug was initially available only in injectable format. Still, later after the drug’s popularity amongst men and particularly the athletes in Europe.

Along with Testosterone Undecanoate, other forms of Testosterone esters are widely used worldwide. Some of them are Testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, and so on. But it is noted that Testosterone Undecanoate has much the upper hand over the others, with the latter being more effective and long-lasting.

How does it function?

Hilma Biocare-Testosterone Undecanoate works quite smoothly in the body, as it is similar to the natural male hormones in men. The drug fills in the insufficient testosterone levels in a male body.

Testosterone Undecanoate can also help increase the muscle mass of an athlete and boost the bodybuilder’s energy levels. In the oral drug, the intestinal lymphatics absorb the pill and develop whole organ growth in males. It is noted that the oral medication had lower bioavailability and, for better results, should be administered twice a day.


Dosage varies from 500mg per week to up 2000 mg per week for professional athletes.

For best results, it is advised to use the drug regularly to reap the most benefits it has to offer. It should be noted here that the drug should be taken simultaneously every day for the best results.

Some medications are available in chewable versions, but Testosterone Undecanoate is available either in the form of a pill or injection. It is advised to take the drug for the best results but doesn’t forget to discuss with your medical expert and follow the instruction correctly.


Usage of Hilma Biocare-Testosterone Undecanoate along with castor oil helps treat hypogonadal in men. Its dosage can be increased with an equal number of intervals between the span of 12

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