Hilma Biocare T3 Liothyronine Sodium (25 mcg/50 tabs)

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Hilma Biocare T3 Liothyronine Sodium (25 mcg/50 tabs)

What is T3 thyroid?      

For those who don’t know, the thyroid is a gland found in our body. It is located in our neck, just below Adam’s apple. The thyroid gland produces certain kind of hormones that controls your body and how you respond to other hormones. The thyroid produces two types of hormones. The first hormone produced by the thyroid gland is triiodothyronine, which is also known as T3. Another hormone produced by the thyroid gland is called thyroxine, which is known as T4. Now, both these hormones are needed by the body to cure the malfunctioning of the thyroid.

In most of the treatments, that is done for the thyroid gland, the doctor generally, prescribes the patient T4 which is thyroxine, but if you are not able to recover with the help of that, then the T3 dosage is also given. Now, in some cases, the combined medication is done, while in others only T3 is considered for the 100% cure. Now, apart from the treatment of the thyroid, these hormones are used by male bodybuilders. These are available in the market in the form of drugs and supplements. Needless to say, the thyroid gland plays a major role in deciding the correct physical state of the body. So, the hormones related to it are really important when it comes to the bodybuilding process.

Benefits of adding T3

According to research published in a popular journal, there exists a genetic defect, the name of the genetic defect is deiodinase polymorphism. The problem that a person who has deiodinase polymorphism faces is that it hampers the conversion of T4 to T3. This is a possible explanation of why people who are taking levothyroxine fail to give a response to the treatment they are having because levothyroxine majorly contains T4. Hence, for such patients, the presence of T3 is highly necessary.

 A study conducted by a popular institute has proved that T3 when given as a supplement, can reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body, decreases the weight of the body, and not only these, it can also provide a good solution to hyperthyroidism symptoms. Moreover, the person having it does not experience any unnecessary cardiovascular stress if compared to levothyroxine alone.

 Out of all the benefits that are listed here, the most important one is that T3 is used by almost all bodybuilders. They use this as a supplement when they need to participate in any competition. This particular hormone helps bodybuilders in cutting down the excessive fat and thus, energizing their bodies.

These points are enough to prove how the T3 hormones are important for the building of your muscles. If your body functions are good and at the point, you don’t need any supplements for your muscles building or cutting fats. In either case, you can have this supplement. Also, if you are focusing upon bodybuilding in particular, then also you could try this out.

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